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Welcome to the Website of the Davenport House Patient Group
The Davenport House Patient Participation Group (more commonly known as ‘the PPG’ or ‘Patient Group’) was formed in 1993.  The objectives of the Patient Group are:

To influence the future policies and decisions of the practice.

To improve the quality of services offered to patients of the practice.

To improve communication and understanding between the doctors and members of the practice staff on the one hand and the  patients of the practice on the other.

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Patient Group Newsletter
Patient Group Newsletter

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Joining the Patient Group

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Shannon Peacock, Practice Manager
New Computer System

It has been a challenging few months for Davenport House following the change of IT system from Vision to EmisWeb.  As with the best laid plans, no matter how much you prepare for a smooth transition, the reality can be somewhat more difficult!

This has been a major project for the Practice, having been meticulously planned for many months beforehand. The Practice has needed many meetings with both the computer company concerned and the NHS IT support team locally to try and make it as seamless as possible. I can assure you that this has not been a question of ‘pulling across’ data using a simple overnight process! The database of twelve and a half thousand patients’ records is amazingly complex and the transfer of clinical information has had to go through repeated processes of verification and validation to ensure translation from one system to another has been successful and accurate.

The biggest issue has been the implementation of the on-line patient services and the Practice apologises for the difficulties experienced by some of our patients.  Strict rules for revalidation of patients’ identities who can then gain access to their own confidential details are laid down by NHS England regulations. They are obligatory. We naturally regret the inconvenience this has caused our patients, but we are hostage to the process and legally bound to go through it.  Although at point of writing it appears that the majority of our patients have now successfully signed up and all outstanding issues have been resolved.

It has taken a large number of hours of both clinical and non-clinical staff time to enable this and although not without problems I have nothing but praise for the GPs and staff who have had to learn and safely implement an entire new system overnight!

Have Your Say
Have Your Say

The Patient Group offers its members a stimulating programme of health related talks and discussions at Rothamsted and the Surgery; the talks are well received but on occasions have been poorly attended. Have you been to a talk recently and, if not, what might encourage you to attend?

Please email the committee member responsible for Education, Sheila Uppington, with your comments.

For comments about the PPG in general please email the Chairman

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